The Best Medicine is Never in Your Lungs

Delicious Buzzing Butter Medical Marijuana Medible Edible Peanut Butter Baking Supplement 
Available Now! Ask Your Patient, Caregiver, Dispensary, Delivery Service or Co-Op for Buzzing  Butter today! 

“Eating the marijuana was healthier, lasted longer, and was economically more feasible than smoking it.”

Medical Marijuana Medible Edible


  • Buzzing Butter is for people who have a valid Medical Marijuana Card.



Enjoy Buzzing Butter Many Ways!

Do not exceed 2tbsp per day.

Cookies Cakes BrowniesAdd 4oz jar of Buzzing Butter to your favorite Cookie, Brownie or Cake mix.

pbjPeanut Butter n Jelly Sandwiches and Crackers. Peanut Butter and Banana.

cfIn your favorite Chinese Food.

iccIn or on Ice Cream and Candies.

milkWith a Glass of Milk or Water



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